Suurentava peili

LED-valo ON/OFF -kytkimellä. 360 asteen kierto. Ei sumene. Ei ruostu. Upea suurennus ilman väärentymistä. Homehtumisen esto. Vesitiivis. Höyryyntymisen esto. Johdoton ja kätevä - toimii 3x AAA-paristolla (ei sisälly mukaan) Voidaan asentaa lähes mihin tahansa seinälle.
Convenient For Use - Very flexible rotating swivel gooseneck that can be easily bend to get a closer distance with the mirror, adjustable height to get the best degree viewing angles.
Heavy Duty Suction Cup - Easy and quick locking suction cup to secure attachment to a smooth surface. The design is adhesive enough to most surfaces but will not adhere to unfinished marble, porous or rough surfaces.
Precision Clarity Mirror - The 10X magnifying mirror with light is convenient for applying makeup with high accuracy. It allows your makeup to be more delicate.
Portability - The foldable mirror is perfect for travel. It's requires 3 AAA batteries for operation.( NO including the battery)
Natural Light - Advance technology 14 bright LEDs meet your needs in daily life.
Note:The mirror with a layer of protective film. Please tear off the film on the mirror surface and the mirror will be completely new

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